Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a Good Life.

I got this picture of Sarah after church yesterday. She asked me if she could get herself a "snack from the garden". Of course I said yes! She went out and picked herself a handful of peas. What a sweetheart!

Why Did the Chicken Coop Cross the Road?

We went down to Mesa last Friday to pick up a chicken coop from my awesome sister-in -law Heather. We've been thinking about getting chickens for a while now. Heather was moving and didn't want her chickens any more so it worked out great for us. Just one little problem.... the coop is huge! I had my doubts about whether or not it would fit on a trailer, but the Gurrs never back down from a challenge. (Especially if it involves hauling something on a trailer.) Five out of the seven Gurr siblings were there to help load it up. Adams Dad used a tractor w/forks on it to lift the main housing end of it while his siblings all lifted the run end of it. Did I mention the chickens were all in their home while it was being moved? Poor things. We knew they would thank us later. After all, we were taking them to a much cooler place. We got them all to Taylor safe and sound. To unload the coop Adam just parked the trailer where he wanted the coop to be, lifted it with a fork lift then pulled the trailer out from under it and set the coop gently down. The hens have already started laying eggs for us! We knew they would thank us. :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

There Goes My Life.

I thought I was prepared for this day. Originally I was going to title this blog "First Day Of School!" (Emphasis on the exclamation point.) After all, I've been waiting for this day for five and a half years. Finally I could have "a life".
Wrong! All the errands that I was going to run now have to be put on hold because I'm finding it hard to compose myself.
I guess I should start at the beginning. We've been counting down the days for school to start for the past month. And all along I had been just as excited as the kids were. Just thinking of all the things I'd be able to accomplish each day...well, I have been giddy with anticipation. Last night, Adam gave each of the kids a Fathers blessing.( A Back to School tradition Adam and I both had when we were kids.) The Spirit was felt so strongly in our home. It was a very special and emotional experience for all of us. Afterwards it felt like Christmas Eve. We were all "Too excited to sleep."
Twas the night before school and all through the house, the Gurrs were so happy, they wanted to shout! The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of freedom danced in mom's head.
The morning went off without a hitch. Everyone was ready for School a half hour before we needed to be. We had time to take plenty of pictures, get an extra snack, go to the bathroom (again). Time was going too slow. "When Can we go to the bus stop?"
All this time I am still as excited as they are. Finally the time comes. The kids all wanted to ride to the bus stop on the Ranger. ( I guess, to give themselves an element of coolness)
The bus pulls up at the stop, filled with friends from primary. My kids run on before I can get a picture of them in front of the bus. (great the whole scrapbook page will be ruined!) The bus driver let me step on the bus and take a picture, but I couldn't even see my kids. They'd already found their friends, and they didn't even wave goodbye. I steped off of the bus and it drove away. That's when It hit me, "There goes my life."
I cried as I drove home from the bus stop. I cried when Adam called, and I told him how great the kids did getting on the bus, And as I write this, I continue to cry.
I'm gonna miss those crazy kiddos. I will miss them for three hours, every day, for the next nine months.