Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gurr Family Pioneer Days Reunion

A few months ago Adam's sister Stacy called from Tennessee to let us know that they were coming out west, and asked if they could stay here with us for a few days at the end of July. Of course we were thrilled and after talking it over we decided that we may as well get everyone together for a reunion. It was held during the week of the Pioneer Days Celebration so there was lots of fun stuff to do together. My S.I.L.s  and I set up a booth at the craft festival. Becky brought her beautiful purses. Heather brought her flower hair clips and I made these:
It was so fun to sit and visit and sell stuff. 
At one point everyone showed up at the park to get some family pictures. (this is what my kids look like for pictures when mom isn't there to help them get ready..sigh... gotta love Eliza's black socks!!!)

The kids all really enjoyed the parade. The rodeo was a blast and the fireworks were awesome. We had a fun little talent night and played some games and ate TONS of Ice cream (There was a sale on Blue Bell...Yummy!). Most importantly, we made wonderful memories together!
Thanks for coming everyone!!

Furry Friends

We've had a couple of these "little" fellas show up at our place this month. CREEPY! But, we leave them alone...well, except for Eliza who touched one!!! Brave girl!

Burk Family Womens Conference

Our Annual Burk family Womens Conference took place here, at our home in Taylor on July 14th-16th.
The theme this year was "The worth of Souls".
I had such a wonderful time visiting and learning with all of my Burk Sisters.
We laughed, cried, sang, crafted, served, and bore testimonies.
As usual, I was too busy having fun to take many pictures. Here are a couple taken while we made frames using sea shells that my aunt Pam brought home from her mission in the Dominican Republic.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For All Eternity July 12th 2001

Ten years ago today... Adam and I were sealed For time and all eternity in The Mesa Arizona Temple.
It was the happiest day of my life. As I looked into Adams eyes and made sacred covenants the Spirit made it clear to me that there was no where else in the world that I should have been at that moment. We believe that our marriage was and is ordained by God. We will continue to work together to ensure that our marriage is eternal and our family can and will be together forever. I love Adam LaVel Gurr with all of my heart. He is the best part of me and my life.
Happy Anniversary!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The kids and I spent a few days camping with my family while poor Adam had to stay home and work. It was so nice to spend a couple days in the cool pines playing games and relaxing.

We spent some time at a nearby creek where the kids had fun hunting crawdads. They didn't actually catch any themselves but they sure had fun trying. They also liked holding some crawdads that were caught by uncle Michael. Uncle Michael cooked them up and the kids all tried them. Caleb really likes them although I think they could have used a little cocktail sauce.

We had a great time and hope to do a little more camping before the summer is over!

4th of July Fun.

We had a fun Fourth of July Celebration here in Taylor.
Every year at sunrise, The town celebrates our independence by putting gun powder between two anvils and firing it off.  It may sound hokey (and it is) but it's also really kind of fun.The anvils are driven around town while the town band which is comprised of multiple generations, follows closely behind on flat bed trailers. Everyone else follows in their vehicles and in the back of pick-up trucks and makes a ton of noise hootin' and hollerin' and honking their horns. Every once in a while the truck with the anvils stops, and everyone gets out to hear the band and watch the anvil (which crossed the plains and made it to Taylor with the early pioneers) get fired off.
Later that evening the town hosts a fun rodeo which is followed up with fireworks.
This year, my sister Lydia's family and my parents' with some friends of their's came up to join the festivities. It's always fun to have company and introduce them to our red-neck fun!

Grandma and Grandpa Gurr

Our home is right on the way from the Valley to the Gurr's property in Co.  As a result , we get to have grandma and grandpa Gurr stop by for surprise visits every now and then.
We love it.

Here are some pictures from their last visit.

Painting Pet rocks with Grandma.

Playing Four Square with Grandpa.

Friends 4 Ever !!!

O.K. I know its a cheesy title, so sue me.
The thing is...Lets face it, even the best of friends with the best of intentions grow apart. You grow up, you move away, you get busy with families of your own and new friends and maintaining old friendships becomes hard, and you wonder if it's even worth it.
I went though a short  time when I'd pretty much lost touch with all my "B.F.F.'s" from my younger years. I often wondered what they were up to, how they were doing, and I'd laugh every now and then at some of the memories we'd made, but my life was full and rich and I figured I didn't need my old friends like I once had.
Then, something magical happened....We got the Internet, and I discovered Facebook and suddenly it felt as though all my old friends were new again.  I realized how much I missed them and wanted them back in my life. I enjoy reconnecting and reminiscing with them.
For the third year in a row two of my "old" friends (sorry Lola and Athene) have come up to Taylor to visit with their children, while Adam is away at scout camp.
My kids and I LOVE this tradition and we  hope it continues for many years to come.
While they are here, we don't go out of our way to plan exciting activities. We pretty much just let the kids play while we sit back, relax, reminisce, and laugh our brains out!
Thank you Lola and Athene for once again making the effort to come. I know life gets busy, and fuel is costly but I hope you know how much it means to me that you come.

I wish I'd have taken more photos. I guess I was just having to much fun to take pics. Oh well, I'll take more pics. next year. ;)

Ten Years Ago June-July 2001

Ten years ago...Adam And I were spending our time working on our home. Adam had started building a home for himself just before we started dating. By the time we got engaged it was just about finished. We worked together to get it painted, pick out and install flooring, get the kitchen finished, and get it cleaned. We spent a LOT of time at the Home Depot together.
We also spent time picking out rings, planning our honeymoon, and helping my mom with wedding plans. (Although we were so busy with the house that we left most of the wedding plans to her.)
That time was honestly a bit of a blurr, but SO MUCH FUN!!!