Sunday, September 7, 2014

Silverton or Bust!

We haven't been to the little cabin in Silverton for over two years. We've been missing the cool mountain air and breathtaking views, so we decided to head on up for Labor Day weekend.
The trip started with an evening at the Bar-D  and then we headed on the Silverton for some serious buggy ridding!

Billy the Goat! He Followed us for miles. Kinda freaked me out!

On Sunday, we went to the little LDS Branch building in town and enjoyed a lovely sacrament meeting.

On Monday we went on a great ride with Jason's family (Adam's Cousin) to Kite lake. It was so beautiful. The water was crystal blue. 

This was seriously one of the funnest trips to Silverton I've ever had. It was the perfect combination of fun and relaxation! LOVED IT!!!

We already want to go back to Silverton. We've decided the little cabin needs some fixing up and we're making plans to return soon! 

Little Builders Preschool

This summer I took a leap of faith and did something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I STARTED MY OWN PRESCHOOL!!!
Years ago, before I had the trio, I was a teacher. I taught preschool for several years and even taught kindergarten and first grade for a few years at a charter school. I loved teaching professionally, I enjoy working with the youngest of learners and watching them grow from little ones, to big kids!  
When I became a mom, I knew I'd be able to use all the knowledge and experience I'd gained while teaching to help my own children learn and grow. And I did, and I am, but I missed the little ones. I missed seeing that look on their faces when the pieces start falling into place. When they figure out that when the S says "Sss" and the E says "eh" and the T says "t." It spells the word "set"! And just like that, they're reading!  It's so exciting and wonderful and fun! 
I'm not quite sure why I waited until this year to begin this journey, but I can tell you that the time was just finally right. 
I was a little worried about enrollment. I'm not very well known here in Taylor and I live on the outskirts of town. Would anyone want to drive this far out for preschool? Well, after some gentle prodding from some friends, I jumped in with both feet.
I invested in a great curriculum and furniture and used half of our upstairs for a classroom.
Within just a few weeks I had 8 kids enrolled and now that school has started, I have 11 kids enrolled.
Things are going great. I love my schedule and being my own boss.  I love my students and we have a blast together every day! 
I am so grateful for this opportunity and that I get to earn extra income working from home, and doing what I love!

First Day of Fifth Grade

The trio started the fifth grade this year! They all got themselves ready for school, and did a great job! They are so excited for all the fun adventures the fifth grade holds! The future is wide open for these three! I sure love them!

Hello Daisy

"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn't even know we had."
Author Unknown

After we lost sweet Rosie, we felt an emptiness in our home. We knew right away that it would take a new dog to fill that emptiness. We just didn't know we'd be filling it so soon.

I felt like I needed more time to grieve, but after the fourth night in a row, of listening to the kids cry themselves to sleep, We knew we needed a new dog soon. Adam was the first to bring up the subject, which surprised me. I knew he loved Rosie, but he's never really cared much for dogs in general. Evidently, the kids and I weren't the only ones feeling the emptiness. 

The weekend after we lost Rosie we were driving down to the valley. I was just browsing craigslist and saw an ad for a shih tzu mix puppy in Phoenix.  I clicked on the add, and a little puppy, who looked like a miniature Rosie was pictured.  Without saying anything, I discreetly showed the picture to Adam. He had two words for me. "Get it!" 
"But it's a puppy...." I said "I thought we'd find another grown dog"
"Get it!"
"We'll have to potty train...."
"Get it!"
"It feels to soon for me."
"Get it!"
"But this puppy costs 200.00!!!" 
He pulled out his wallet and handed me 300.00.

So I called the owner and asked several questions about the puppies. And made arrangements to take the kids to "just look". 

As expected, it was love at first sight. The kids picked up the little apricot colored girl. They couldn't put her down. And for the first time in a week, I saw genuine smiles on the kids faces.

We named her Daisy. A cheerful little summer flower. The name fits her very well. But often times we call her Dopey, because she's actually a pain in the rear most of the time! Potty training her has been a nightmare, and she chews on EVERYTHING!  She has a lot of spunk and keeps us on our toes. She loves car rides, buggy rides, rain and we just recently found out that she loves the snow!  All things Rosie hated. We love this funny little girl. And she's doing a good job of filling the "emptiness"!

            Taking a nap on Daddy. She's actually become quite the "daddy's girl" 

She's growing so quickly!

Sunday, August 24, 2014


We lost our sweet Rosie girl last month when she was tragically killed by coyotes. The stars were so beautiful and bright one night, and the kids decided to sleep on the trampoline so they could watch them until they fell asleep. Rosie slept with Eliza every night so she stayed on the trampoline with the kids. we figured she would stay put since she was always too afraid to get on and off of the trampoline by herself. Our trampoline is buried so the mat is at ground level, but the gap where the springs are always intimated her.
Adam and I awoke at around 11:30 to the horrible sound of her yelping and the sound of coyotes yapping. We ran outside just as the coyotes were running out of sight. We think when they came into the yard, Rosie got off of the trampoline to get between the coyotes and the kids.
Of course, the kids were hysterical and we were all devastated.
I've never grieved the loss of the pet the way I did with Rosie. Loosing her was so hard for all of us. Even though we only had her for a short while, she was such an important part of our family .
I'll never forget how one night she came into my room and woke me up. She was acting agitated, so I thought she needed to go potty outside. As we went down the hall, she stopped at the girls bedroom door and started whining. I was annoyed because I just wanted to go back to bed. I picked her up and carried her outside but she just ran to the back door and wanted back in. I opened the door and she went back to the girls room and started whining again. I followed her in and found Eliza's bed empty. I looked down and Eliza was sprawled out on the bedroom floor face down. I rushed over to her and she woke right up. She was fine, evidently she had simply rolled out of bed, but I was so grateful that Rosie was concerned enough to come get me.

Rosie LOVED kids. She was always so sweet and patient with them. They could carry her around, tug on her tail, wake her up from a nap or take a bone from out of her mouth. She never growled or snapped at them. She would just give them a little kiss and let them know she loved them.

I babysat two little kids for a few months and of course, they fell in love with her. One day they asked me to write a story about Rosie. I told them I wasn't good at writing stories, but I could write a poem.
This is what I came up with. (mind you, it was written for children)

Rosie doesn't guard the house.
Rosie can not catch a mouse.
Rosie doesn't lead the blind.
Rosie isn't trained to find.

Rosie doesn't do to much,
Like pull a sleigh when she hears "mush"!
She'll probably never catch a crook,
or round up cattle near the brook.

But, when you're having a sad, sad day,
When no one at school will let you play,
when you feel like no one really cares,
That's when Rosie will be there.

She'll cuddle up when you feel blue.
She'll let you know her love is true.
She'll make you laugh, when you feel down.
She always likes to clown around!

So, even though she's very small,
and cannot do too much at all,
we love our little Rosie Girl,
and wouldn't trade her for the world!

Rosie was the sweetest, kindest little soul we ever knew. She will be missed.
We know we will see Rosie again some day and are grateful for this knowledge. It brings us so much comfort. 

Farewell Rosie, until we meet again...

Camping with Cousins!!

Every year, Lydia and I get our kids together for an annual "Cousin Camp-out".  We invite everyone to join us and sometimes everyone comes and we have a reunion, and sometimes its just Lydia and I, our kids and my Parents. This year our brother Ben joined us with his boys (his wife was sick and couldn't make it). I am so glad he came and I could get to know his sweet boys better.
I Love Camping!

The kids had fun playing together...

and working together.

 We went on our annual hike to Badger Pond in Greer and as usual, we had an awesome time.

My dad took Caleb and Daniel to big lake one night and set some crawdad traps. The next morning the traps were full of Crawdads and we had a feast for lunch. 

I am so grateful we are keeping this tradition going. I know our kids are making wonderful memories, just as I did when we went camping with my cousins when I was younger.

Runnin' For Fun on the Forth of July

My mom came up for a visit on the Fourth of July Weekend. Caleb wanted to do the Annual 2 mile "Fun Run", so I told him I'd do it too. My mom also decided to do the run.
News flash people....RUNNING IS NOT FUN! But, I am glad I did it. I worked up a pretty good sweat and got a sweet T-shirt to boot!
Caleb did awesome! He placed 3rd in the 10-14 boys division. not bad considering he's only 10! and, he's hooked on races, so I see many more medals in his future.
Great Job Caleb!!

Girls Camp

Back in June, I got roped into going to girls camp with our ward. This picture sums up that experience...

Actually, I had a wonderful time! Our theme was: A Mighty Change of Heart. We did a lot with the  Movie "Frozen". My job was basically "activities director" and help with skits, crafts, music and anything else they needed. The young women were a joy to work with and the other leaders and I had a lot of fun together. 

One fun little side note:
Our camp ground was only 20 minutes away from home. I left early Monday morning to help set things up, and later that afternoon, Adam brought our 5th wheel up for the other leaders and myself to sleep in. he got it all set up for us, and when he left, I went to put some water bottles in the refrigerator. I opened it and discovered that not only had Adam already put a bunch of water bottles in it, but he had also stocked it full of all my favorite Chocolates and treats!! It was so sweet! I love him!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Reunion Time

Last week, we were grateful to be able to host the annual Gurr Family reunion. The reunion was originally going to be held in Manti. There is a neat campground there, close to the Temple and lots of fun activities in the area. Unfortunately, it was just too far of a drive for some of the family members, and just before the reunion, Great Grandma Gurr's health took a turn for the worse and Malan didn't want to travel to far from her. Heather asked if we would mind having the reunion here in Taylor, and we didn't mind at all! Heather owns the little house next door to us and right now it's vacant, so between her property, ours, and a couple of travel trailers, we were able to comfortably accommodate everyone. We ended up having 30 family members make it.

There were people inside....

and people outside!

We had a wonderful time playing games, flying kites, riding buggies, visiting and eating yummy food! Thanks to Heather for all her hard work and menu planning! It was an awesome reunion!

Makeover Time

Caleb's room has been due for an update for quite a while. I decorated his room with John Deere decor when we moved in over six years ago. I didn't know it at the time, but even then, Caleb wasn't really into "farm tractors". He never told me, because he didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Caleb's room "BEFORE". 
I made sure that this time around, Caleb was the one calling all the shots.
We sat down together and talked about what he would like. He told me he liked "Cabin stuff" and that his favorite colors were red and blue.  We looked at pintrest together and made a "board" for his room. We made sure to only pin pictures we both liked! One idea we both really liked, was to nail pallet boards up all over one wall.  Adam has a stack of pallets from work and he said we were welcome to use as many as we wanted! We also decided to use a flag that Caleb already had folded up in his room.  We invested in some new sheets, but re-used some blankets we already had. I also bought new curtains, and some crates, which we painted and stacked to use as night stands. We re-arranged the furniture a bit, which made a huge difference!
We stayed well under our 150.00 budget.

Caleb's room "AFTER" We both LOVE IT!!

The pallet wall!

 Eventually, we want to put a new headboard on the bed and find or make a desk for the room. But we can wait until we find just the right pieces at just the right price.
One of the best things about this project was, from start to finish, we worked on it together. We sawed apart pallets, painted crates, and moved furniture and got to know each other better in the process. I'm happy with how the room turned out, but even more, I'm happy with who my son is turning out to be!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


On the 27th of May, we said goodbye to Tina.
It was a bittersweet farewell. We were sad to see her go, but happy for her to be reunited with her family. We have learned so much from our experience hosting an exchange student for 10 months!
There were a lot of ups and downs. There were dissapointments and many sweet and fun memories made. 
We have grown to love and care for Tina and we wish her all the best as she returns to Norway.

Work hard, Play harder

While the trio were enjoying their last week of school, Adam was enjoying a "work" trip in Colorado with his brothers.
His cousin Jason is building a home in Pagosa springs, and hired Adam and his brothers to help with the framing. they all worked hard and got the job done with a little time to spare for a buggy ride. 

My Kids are Fast!

It's true. My kids are fast! They didn't get it from me, I'm pretty sure they didn't get it from Adam either. So, they're pretty much freaks. Yep, my kids are fast.
Taylor intermediate school had a track and field meet at the High school a few days before school got out. The kids all got to choose three events to participate in. Caleb ran the 800 meter race, did the long jump, and the softball throw. He placed third in the 800. Awesome considering he never really trained for it. I was super proud because he never stopped running...not once!
Sarah did the 3 legged race, the balloon toss, and the 100 meter dash. She did great at all her events, but her best was the dash. Yep, Sarah is fast!
Eliza also did the 3 legged race, the relay and the Dash! She totally rocked!! Holy moley, my girl can run!!

I loved getting to sit in the stands and cheer for my kiddos! I am one proud mamma!