Sunday, August 24, 2014

Camping with Cousins!!

Every year, Lydia and I get our kids together for an annual "Cousin Camp-out".  We invite everyone to join us and sometimes everyone comes and we have a reunion, and sometimes its just Lydia and I, our kids and my Parents. This year our brother Ben joined us with his boys (his wife was sick and couldn't make it). I am so glad he came and I could get to know his sweet boys better.
I Love Camping!

The kids had fun playing together...

and working together.

 We went on our annual hike to Badger Pond in Greer and as usual, we had an awesome time.

My dad took Caleb and Daniel to big lake one night and set some crawdad traps. The next morning the traps were full of Crawdads and we had a feast for lunch. 

I am so grateful we are keeping this tradition going. I know our kids are making wonderful memories, just as I did when we went camping with my cousins when I was younger.

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