Sunday, August 24, 2014

Girls Camp

Back in June, I got roped into going to girls camp with our ward. This picture sums up that experience...

Actually, I had a wonderful time! Our theme was: A Mighty Change of Heart. We did a lot with the  Movie "Frozen". My job was basically "activities director" and help with skits, crafts, music and anything else they needed. The young women were a joy to work with and the other leaders and I had a lot of fun together. 

One fun little side note:
Our camp ground was only 20 minutes away from home. I left early Monday morning to help set things up, and later that afternoon, Adam brought our 5th wheel up for the other leaders and myself to sleep in. he got it all set up for us, and when he left, I went to put some water bottles in the refrigerator. I opened it and discovered that not only had Adam already put a bunch of water bottles in it, but he had also stocked it full of all my favorite Chocolates and treats!! It was so sweet! I love him!!

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