Sunday, April 3, 2016

Happy Easter

 We love being reminded of the Reserection of our Savior and the promise that we will all live again eternally after death. What a joyful promise and happy thing to celebrate! We celebrated Easter with some homemade Easter baskets for the kids, and a lovely formal dinner with our good friends, the Schelins. Happy Easter!

Spring Break March 14-18th

We all had a wonderful spring break this year! The week started out with Adam and Caleb  enjoying more quality father/son time together. They went to Colorado with Richards family and Grandma and Grandpa Gurr. They had a great time snowmobiling and snowboarding.

The girls and I didn't feel much like playing in the snow so we went to the valley and did some shopping and watched movies at Grandma Quist's house.

On Wednesday we were all back at home together, and Ben came up to Taylor with his family for a fun visit. We played games and played outside and played in the mountains. We were sad when the break ended, but know that we only have 9 weeks of school left until summer break begins! Yahoo!

Quist Backpacking Overnighter (No Girls Allowed)

On March 11th Adam and Caleb were able to attend the Quist Backpacking trip. They hiked in the Beautiful Superstition Mountains with Grandpa Quist, Uncle Micheal, Daniel and Eric, uncle Paul, Robert, Connor, Caden and a friend of Paul, uncle Ben and Kent, uncle Russ, Uncle Nathan and a young friend of his and Jack (the Dog).
I am so grateful that Adam took the time to take Caleb. I love that my son could spend time with cousins and with so many awesome, righteous priesthood holders who set good examples for him to pattern his life after. 
It sounds like the hike was challenging, but enjoyable. 
Way to go guys!