Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy 40th anniversary to Mom and Dad Gurr

Just one week after being in the sealing room with the Quist family, we were once again in a sealing room. This time with the Gurr family. All mom and dad Gurr wanted for their 40th wedding aniversary, was to have all of their children together in the temple. All of Adams siblings were there along with most everyone's spouses. Once again I felt the joy and happiness that comes from being in the temple with those we love and knowing that we can be with them for eternity. Mal and Deanna have raised a wonderful family and I feel so blessed to be a part of two eternal families.
Happy anniversary mom and dad!

Angela Loves Mike

March 7th was a beautiful and unforgettable day. Adam and I were able to be in the sealing room in the Gilbert AZ temple to see my youngest sister Angela be sealed for time and all eternity to her sweetheart Mike Gordon. Weddings are fun and exciting, but what made this day even more special, was looking around the room and seeing my husband, my parents and ALL of my siblings with their spouses there. To look around at the people I love most in the world and to know that we are are all on the path to return to our Father in Heaven and to know that we will all be together forever ... Well, it was the best feeling in the whole world. I hope and pray that someday, I can have the joy my parents have had of having all of their children married in the house of the Lord. 
Angela and Mike make such a cute couple. Their happiness and joy was so clear to everyone.  We wish them the best and all of the happiness in the world!