Sunday, May 20, 2012

There's Something Fishy Going on Here!

On Friday I had the privilege of getting to go with the Taylor Elementary 2nd Graders on a field trip to the Williams Fish Hatchery in White River.

Here are some pics from our Fabulous Fishy day:

It was so much fun riding a school bus again. (Insert sarcastic tone)
Well, it really was fun for the kids and after popping plenty of Tylenol it was fun for me too. ;)

The kids all got to feed the fish.

Millions of fish are hatched here every year. Once the fish grow big enough, they are loaded into tanks and then set free in the surrounding rivers and lakes. The smart fish will live happily ever after. The not-so-smart ones will end up in a skillet..

The fish would go crazy whenever a handful of food was Thrown to them.

What a fun day!

Mother's Day of my Dreams

My family completely spoiled me on Mother's day this year. It began with a yummy French toast breakfast made by Adam. Then, after church I got take a nice, long, uninterrupted nap. I woke up to a clean home and dinner was in the oven. I didn't have to lift a finger all day! We had the sister missionaries over for dinner and Adam and the kids took care of everything. I didn't even have to do the dishes! It was seriously the best day! I love Adam and the kids so much. They make my job as a mom so easy and so much fun!

Eliza's Poems

Eliza has written a TON of poems in school this year.
Here are a few of my personal favorites:

by: Eliza Gurr

The important thing about me is
that I am good at soccer.
I am fast like a cheetah!
I am a girl
I can do a front flip and land it.
I feel good inside of me.
I am so talented
I can walk on my hands.
But the important thing about
 me is that I am good at soccer.

By: Eliza Gurr

The important thing about Caleb is
That he is smart and awesome!
He can play with me.
He is my friend and my brother.
He can help me if I get hurt.
He is the nicest brother in the
But the important thing about Caleb
Is that he is smart
and Awesome.

By: Eliza Gurr

The important thing about Sarah
is that she is sweet
and the best sister ever.
She can play with me.
She is awesome like I am.
She is amazing.
She can help me when I need it.
She is the nicest sister.
But the important thing about Sarah
is that she is sweet and the
best sister ever.

Eliza's teacher told me that Eliza makes it very clear that her family is her whole world and the most important thing in her life. I love these poems because they show just how she feels about her brother and sister (and herself). The cool thing is, they feel the same way about her! I am so blessed that my children are best friends with each other!