Sunday, May 20, 2012

There's Something Fishy Going on Here!

On Friday I had the privilege of getting to go with the Taylor Elementary 2nd Graders on a field trip to the Williams Fish Hatchery in White River.

Here are some pics from our Fabulous Fishy day:

It was so much fun riding a school bus again. (Insert sarcastic tone)
Well, it really was fun for the kids and after popping plenty of Tylenol it was fun for me too. ;)

The kids all got to feed the fish.

Millions of fish are hatched here every year. Once the fish grow big enough, they are loaded into tanks and then set free in the surrounding rivers and lakes. The smart fish will live happily ever after. The not-so-smart ones will end up in a skillet..

The fish would go crazy whenever a handful of food was Thrown to them.

What a fun day!


  1. I remember school busses being a whole lot bigger! Glad you had a fun day!

  2. My girls would LOVE that field trip! Looks like a blast!

  3. I tried finding that fish hatchery one day with the girls but never did. Found a small river though where we had our lunch.