Sunday, February 21, 2016

Feeling the love in Florence, AZ

Valentine's Day was on a Sunday this year. The kids and Adam each recieved their traditional Giant sugar cookie hearts that morning and Adam and I exchanged sweet Valentine cards and goodies. Right after church we drove to Florence to spend the evening with the Gurrs. We enjoyed an awesome dinner and Ty and Lucy's and afterwards Richard made "pazookies" for us! They were so yummy! He had all these miniature skillets and baked cookies in them. Right after they were pulled out of the Oven, he put a scoop of ice cream on them and drizzled the whole thing with caramel sauce! After visiting for a while, we went to Richard's house and played Quiplash! We played until just past midnight! It was So funny and so much fun!
On Monday Adam and Eliza and Caleb hiked up to Flat iron on the superstitions with Adam's brothers and parents and a few cousins. It was a hard hike and I'm so proud of them for making it all the way to the top.
Sarah stayed at Travis and Becky's house and babysat while Calli, Becki and I went out to lunch and did a little shopping. It was a quick little trip, but we all had fun. 
Happy Valentines Day!