Sunday, November 6, 2011

Desert Grande Triathlon

"Commit to Win Finish!", That was my motto yesterday as I swam, peddled and ran my heart out at the Desert Grand Triathlon in Coolidge, AZ.
The weather was cold and a bit windy, but that didn't stop Me, my brother Ben and sister Lydia from doing our best. I was so glad that Ben and Lydia did this with me. It was awesome having someone to help encourage and motivate me while we were training for, and participating in this event.
My swim time was about the same as it was last year, my bike time was a little slower (due to wind), but I beat my run time by two minutes from last year.
I'm glad it's over, but I do plan on participating in another triathlon sprint next year. Any one want to join me?

Happy Halloween

We had a blast this Halloween! It started off with the school Halloween parade and ended with a Trick or Treat Hayride!
Eliza was a cheetah, Sarah was a Witch, and Caleb was a ninja. The kids all  looked great in the costumes that they helped design and make.
The School Parade was fun. It's always fun to get ideas and admire the creativity of some of the costumes. I love that everyone, including the teachers dress up for Halloween.

That evening, we had several friends and neighbors come over for a chili and cornbread potluck. Then the kids all piled onto the hay filled trailers and went "Trick or Treating" around the neighborhood. It was great to enjoy some good old-fashion fun with some of the greatest people around. We truly feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and neighbors.

Happy Halloween

Ghoulish Gourds

Earlier in October, I had heard a rumor that there was a pumpkin shortage this year...Impossible, I thought.
There are always tons of pumpkins around. A shortage won't affect us. WRONG!! I went to the local Grocery store on the Saturday before Halloween, and they were all out of pumpkins! So, Unless I wanted to drive 20 miles to Show Low to try and find one, I had to come up with a plan....Then, I remembered the gourds. A couple years ago I planted some decorative gourds in our garden and every year they keep coming back! I told the kids to go out and collect as many as they could. They came in with arm fulls and with the best ones, we made some Halloween Gourd creatures. The kids loved it and didn't miss carving a pumpkin. We had so much fun getting creative and trying to figure out how to attach heads, make them stand, and make them look cool.
Ghoulish Gourds!!!!

Article of Faith Party

All the children in our primary have been working so hard throughout the year to learn the Thirteen Articles of Faith. As a reward for meeting the goal we set, we have a super fun party. It started with a article of faith scavenger hunt, and ended with a pizza picnic on the church lawn.
Way to go Taylor 3rd ward Primary!