Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine Visitors

We got to spend this Valentine weekend with some of the people we love the most. 
The Hulse family made plans with us about a month ago, to come up and spend some time playing in the snow on the mountains. The bad news is,  it's been so warm this year that the snow is all melted! The good news is, they came anyway! We had so much fun! They got into town late Friday night. On Saturday, we went to the skate park and the kids rode rip sticks and scooters all over that place. We also had some fun playing softball in the field at the park. Adam and Michael took the kids on a buggy ride, while Lydia and I along with Lydia's Daughters Emmalee and Carolyn did some antique shopping. That evening, we grown ups went out on a double date and went out to eat. When we got home we played games and had a great time visiting. 
They went to church with us today, had a big lunch with us and then headed back to home in Prescott.
We wish they could've stayed longer, but Michael has to be to work tomorrow. We are so glad they came and we can't wait to see them again soon! 

Arrow of Light

Caleb has worked very hard in cub scouts this past year to earn his Arrow of Light award. He completed all the requirements just before his 11th birthday. 
He was presented with his Arrow of Light at the Cub Scout Blue and gold banquet held earlier this month. The presentation included a ceremony where Adam and I got to paint different colors on Caleb's face. We can't remembers what the colors represented but we sure had fun making Caleb look silly! We are so proud of Caleb. He is a great scouter and a good example to the rest of us for setting goals and achieving them. His good friends Ty Soloman and Ethan Nichole also received their Arrow of light awards. Way to go guys!


Caleb went on his first overnight scout campout last month. The boys in our ward went to the annual Klondike derby in Greer and now that Caleb is an 11 year-old scout he was invited. Adam went with him and while they were both a little chilly,  they had a fun time!

Winter Fun!

We haven't had a lot of snow up here on the mountains, but we've gotten a little more than last year, so we are grateful for it. 
The kids have had lots of fun with it.

Happy Birthday Grandma Burk

On the 18th of January, the kids and I drove down to the valley so we could join in the celebration of my Grandma Burk's 85th Birthday.
 I am so blessed to be able to call this Beautiful woman Grandma!
Even though she has many grandchildren, My grandma has a way of making each grandchild feel special. She never forgets a birthday, is at every special event and gives the very best hugs. I loved the times I got to visit her and my grandpa at there home when they lived here in Taylor.  Spending a week or two with them each summer gave me sweet memories that I'll always cherish! 
I am so happy I got go to my Grandma's Birthday party. It was held at Pam and David's (my aunt and Uncle) home. I was able to see and visit with cousins I haven't seen in ages! 
It was a truly wonderful night! Happy. Birthday Grandma! I love you!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Years 2015

For New Year's Eve this year, we all went to Kevin and Sherri Gurr's home and played games with some of Adam's cousins. It was so much fun! We played mafia, and several other games. We stayed up WAY past our bedtimes and rang in the New Year surrounded by friends and family. After leaving the party we were all a bit hungry, (there wasn't a lot of food at the party) so we decided to stop at In-N-out. It was fun to be out at 1:00 in the the morning with our kiddos, doing something totally spontaneous. After we left In-N-out, Adam had a sweet tooth so we got churros at Filibertos. Needless to say, we all had a bit of a tummy ache in the morning.
Actually, Caleb had more than a bit of a tummy ache so he stayed at Heather's house while the rest of us took some of Adam's cousins for a buggy ride at sycamore creek. It was fun, but Very Chilly! 
That night we went to my moms for a game night with all my siblings! It was awesome! 
I love spending time with family and am grateful that we don't live too far from everyone! We hope this year will be as wonderful as the last! Happy New Year!