Friday, December 23, 2011

Caleb is a Cub Scout!

Caleb has been anxiously awaiting the day he can join cub scouts and now that he's eight, they day finally came. His very first scout activity was awesome!
The boys all got to go bowling and they earned their bowling belt loop! Way to go guys!
Caleb has already memorised the Cub scout promise and has set a goal to become an Eagle scout.
We're so proud of Caleb. He will be an amazing scout.

The After Party!

After the Baptism, we had fun with our cousins and we made chocolate reindeer cookies. SO FUN!!


Eliza, Sarah and Caleb were baptised on December 17th.
We are so proud of The kids and their decision to  follow Jesus and be baptised as He was.

We had so many friends and family come to support them and share this special day with us.
It was a day we will never forget.
This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures of the Trio! It really shows the special bond they have with each other, and the love they share!

Dad and Eliza, before the baptism.

Dad and Sarah before the Baptism.

Dad and Caleb before the Baptism.

We LOVE cousins!!! Thanks for comming to support us!

With Bishop Whipple after the baptism.

Awesome Aunt Malorie came and made Crazy 8 Subs. Thank you Malorie!

Our dear friend Rebbecca Burnett catered the desserts. SO YUMMY!!!

It was a wonderful day! Thank you again to everyone who helped make it so special!

A Very Happy Birthday

Eliza, Sarah and Caleb Turned 8 this year. On their special day, the kids got lunch from sonic, and they got to hand out cupcakes to all of their classmates...ALL OF THEM!....
We celebrated later that evening by going to the church to clean, (It was our family's turn) and going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.
When We got home, we had some cake and ice cream and the kids got to open their presents.
New dresses and a suit for their baptism.

Caleb's favorite gift was his new scout uniform!

Sarah loved her Caboodle, filled with all kinds of fun girly stuff!

Eliza was thrilled to get new Rollerblades!

I can't believe how fast my babies are growing up! They bring So much joy and happiness to Adam and I.
They bless our lives every day and we are so thankful for them.
Happy Birthday Eliza, Sarah and Caleb!

Monday, December 12, 2011

What Do You Do....?

What do you do when you have ONE wedding dress,

(Yes, It's too small..and No, It's not zipped up.)

And TWO daughters?

Well, You Cut it up

And you sew, sew, SEW!!

Then, Presto...Dresses for them to wear at their baptism!

Now they both have my wedding dress!

When Adam saw me in the dress, he asked me to dance...and he kissed me...and Eliza snapped the picture...And I blushed!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Snow Day

We got a over a foot and a half of snow this past weekend. School was canceled on Friday and the kids had a BLAST playing in all that white stuff!
Eliza. Launching off a snow ramp at the bottom of a steep hill.

Sarah enjoys taking it slow.

Caleb caught the biggest air.

Here I am channelling my "Inner Nacho" with the sweats and the mask!

Snow is always fun, but I'm glad it doesn't stick around for too long around here. It'll all be gone in a week.
Then we'll be anxiously awaiting the next storm. ;)

" Sneak Job"

The other day, I was reading quietly in the living room when I over heard Caleb and Eliza's conversation in the kitchen. (they didn't realise I was in the living room) Caleb was telling Eliza about his latest "science experiment" (Science is a new passion of his). He mentioned to her that all they needed to complete the project were some steel BBs (you know, for a bb gun.)
The conversation proceeded as follows...
Eliza: "But we don't have any BBs"
Caleb: "Dad has some in his closet."
Eliza: "Did you ask him if we could have some?"
Caleb: "No.....Eliza,.. Sneak job."
Eliza: "what?"
Caleb: "Sneak job!..."
Eliza: "WHAT?"
Caleb: " SNEAK JOB!!!!"
Eliza: "Oh..."
Caleb: " I would get them myself, but you are SO much better at being sneaky. You NEVER get caught. You're the BEST!"

So, At this point in the conversation, Any good mother would intervene and explain to her children that sneaking things is like stealing, and is dishonest. She then, would follow up with words of wisdom about trust and integrity. Some advice on not giving in to peer pressure would also be appropriate.
 That's what a good mother would do....But not THIS Mom!

I promptly snuck out of the living room and hid in...You guessed it...The Closet!
I waited in there a while and started to wonder if maybe they decided not to go through with it. (Is it bad that I was a little disappointed at this thought?) Eventually, I heard the little pitter patter of sneaky feet and the closet door squeaked open.  I stood as still as a statue, until enough light was cast on me for Eliza to see me then I let out a "ROAR!!"
She didn't scream...she couldn't..she was in SHOCK! her mouth dropped open, her face turned white and for a second, I thought she may pass out!  It was AWESOME!! My only regret is that I didn't video the whole thing!
Caleb shamefully peaked in and with one glance in my direction he knew, that I knew that he played a role in this.
Then came the conversation about sneaking, dishonesty, trust, peer pressure, etc...following the conversation came the consequences....No more Science projects for a month!
I think they learned their lesson.
I also think I won't be earning the "Mother of the Year" award any time soon!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to Cooley park in Mesa to Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of my Grandpa Quist's birth. My grandpa Stuart Quist Passed away when I was a Baby so I don't have any personal memories of him. I was so grateful to hear all the stories about him, shared by my Dad, aunts and uncles.  He was a patient man who always made time for his children. When his youngest child (of nine kids) was just two years old, his wife, my Grandma Died. Shortly after her death he moved his family to Mesa AZ and married his widowed Sister in Law.
Between the two of them, they had 12 kids! In attendance were 11 of those 12 kids (one uncle passed away when I was younger) along with their children and grandchildren. It was a wonderful reunion with lots of yummy food and memories to share.

*I forgot to take my camera, but one of my cousins took lots of great pictures and I copied a few of them to post.

Back row: Stuart, Homer David, Ray (my dad) Charlie
Front row: Mary, Lois, Donna, Belva, Suasan, Janice

Russ, Ashely, Uncle David, Nathan, Amanda, Lydia, Michael, & Baby Eric

Grandma Quist Serving Homemade Rootbeer (Grandpa in the background)

Eliza, Me, Ashely and Russ and a bunch of cousins in the background.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with the Gurr family. It was so fun to get to spend time with cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. We stayed with the Andersons. They are so much fun to be with. I was able to go Black Friday shopping and am grateful to have gotten all my Christmas shopping done in one night!
Like a dork, I forgot to take a bunch of pictures. But, I did manage to get one of  Adam playing Thanksgiving Bingo with the kids.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Salute to Veterans

On the Thursday  Before Veterans day,  All of the second grade students participated in a special program dedicated to honoring all of those brave men and women who have served and are currently serving our country.

The students sang the anthems of each branch of the armed forces, and then they sang a very special song titled "Thank you Soldiers". While they sang, a slide show featuring photos of local servicemen and women was shown.  It was a very touching tribute. We are truly grateful for all of those who serve our county in the armed forces.