Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went to Cooley park in Mesa to Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of my Grandpa Quist's birth. My grandpa Stuart Quist Passed away when I was a Baby so I don't have any personal memories of him. I was so grateful to hear all the stories about him, shared by my Dad, aunts and uncles.  He was a patient man who always made time for his children. When his youngest child (of nine kids) was just two years old, his wife, my Grandma Died. Shortly after her death he moved his family to Mesa AZ and married his widowed Sister in Law.
Between the two of them, they had 12 kids! In attendance were 11 of those 12 kids (one uncle passed away when I was younger) along with their children and grandchildren. It was a wonderful reunion with lots of yummy food and memories to share.

*I forgot to take my camera, but one of my cousins took lots of great pictures and I copied a few of them to post.

Back row: Stuart, Homer David, Ray (my dad) Charlie
Front row: Mary, Lois, Donna, Belva, Suasan, Janice

Russ, Ashely, Uncle David, Nathan, Amanda, Lydia, Michael, & Baby Eric

Grandma Quist Serving Homemade Rootbeer (Grandpa in the background)

Eliza, Me, Ashely and Russ and a bunch of cousins in the background.

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