Monday, December 5, 2011

" Sneak Job"

The other day, I was reading quietly in the living room when I over heard Caleb and Eliza's conversation in the kitchen. (they didn't realise I was in the living room) Caleb was telling Eliza about his latest "science experiment" (Science is a new passion of his). He mentioned to her that all they needed to complete the project were some steel BBs (you know, for a bb gun.)
The conversation proceeded as follows...
Eliza: "But we don't have any BBs"
Caleb: "Dad has some in his closet."
Eliza: "Did you ask him if we could have some?"
Caleb: "No.....Eliza,.. Sneak job."
Eliza: "what?"
Caleb: "Sneak job!..."
Eliza: "WHAT?"
Caleb: " SNEAK JOB!!!!"
Eliza: "Oh..."
Caleb: " I would get them myself, but you are SO much better at being sneaky. You NEVER get caught. You're the BEST!"

So, At this point in the conversation, Any good mother would intervene and explain to her children that sneaking things is like stealing, and is dishonest. She then, would follow up with words of wisdom about trust and integrity. Some advice on not giving in to peer pressure would also be appropriate.
 That's what a good mother would do....But not THIS Mom!

I promptly snuck out of the living room and hid in...You guessed it...The Closet!
I waited in there a while and started to wonder if maybe they decided not to go through with it. (Is it bad that I was a little disappointed at this thought?) Eventually, I heard the little pitter patter of sneaky feet and the closet door squeaked open.  I stood as still as a statue, until enough light was cast on me for Eliza to see me then I let out a "ROAR!!"
She didn't scream...she couldn't..she was in SHOCK! her mouth dropped open, her face turned white and for a second, I thought she may pass out!  It was AWESOME!! My only regret is that I didn't video the whole thing!
Caleb shamefully peaked in and with one glance in my direction he knew, that I knew that he played a role in this.
Then came the conversation about sneaking, dishonesty, trust, peer pressure, etc...following the conversation came the consequences....No more Science projects for a month!
I think they learned their lesson.
I also think I won't be earning the "Mother of the Year" award any time soon!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The whole sneaky thing....i don't know where they get it???????