Friday, December 23, 2011


Eliza, Sarah and Caleb were baptised on December 17th.
We are so proud of The kids and their decision to  follow Jesus and be baptised as He was.

We had so many friends and family come to support them and share this special day with us.
It was a day we will never forget.
This has to be one of my all time favorite pictures of the Trio! It really shows the special bond they have with each other, and the love they share!

Dad and Eliza, before the baptism.

Dad and Sarah before the Baptism.

Dad and Caleb before the Baptism.

We LOVE cousins!!! Thanks for comming to support us!

With Bishop Whipple after the baptism.

Awesome Aunt Malorie came and made Crazy 8 Subs. Thank you Malorie!

Our dear friend Rebbecca Burnett catered the desserts. SO YUMMY!!!

It was a wonderful day! Thank you again to everyone who helped make it so special!

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  1. How wonderful! Looks like the day was perfect!