Sunday, September 29, 2013


About a month ago, we had the opportunity to to go to the Junction Creek cabin with Richard and Calli and their two little ones.  The Cabin needed a bit of work done and we were anxious to show Tina more of our beautiful country. We traveled with Richard and Calli, who were very generous  and allowed us to ride with them in their large passenger van. We enjoyed Tina's reaction to several of the sights along the way. Views we'd seen so many times that we forgot they were special, were suddenly wonderful again.
We arrived at the Cabin late Thursday night and went right to bed. On Friday, while Adam and Richard worked on the cabin, the kids and Tina and I did a bit of buggy riding and watched some movies. later that day, we helped stock firewood at the cabin and at Jason's (Adam's cousin) cabin. We spent the evening enjoying a campfire at Jason's cabin, and making s'mores!
On Saturday we went on more buggy rides and that evening we drove back down to Durango and went to the Bar-D Chuck-wagon. The food and entertainment there is awesome.
We stayed Saturday night at Jason's home and after attending Sacrament meeting on Sunday morning, we headed home.
It was a quick trip, but we had so much fun. Tina really enjoyed it as well and we are all looking foreword to going back soon.