Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last Week of School !!!!!

Wow, what a week...
On Monday the kindergarten classes went on a field trip to the park. I was able to tag along and we had a wonderful time!
Tuesday was Field day. he kids all got to participate in fun activities like Tug-o-war, relay races, gunny sack races , and water fights. It was super windy (what else is new) and a little chilly. But that didn't stop the kids from wanting to get sprayed with water by the firefighters. I somehow managed to stay dry, but the kids got soaked. We all had a blast.
On Wednesday and Thursday the kids made fun art projects and played lots of games.
Friday was the last day of school. It was filled with some sad goodbyes, and lots of hugs. The kids LOVED kindergarten, but they are looking foreword to first grade.
The kids received their report cards and we couldn't be more proud of each of them.They all did their very best in school this year. It is amazing to see how much they've grown physically, socially, and academically.
We are going to have a blast together this summer, but I'm sure it won't be long until we're counting down the days until school starts again.

Here are some pics. of our walk to the park.

Eliza Loves playing basketball.

Sarah made some huge bubbles!

Run Caleb, Run!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back Together Again

Our ward had the annual Father-n-son camp out this weekend. Unfortunately, Adam had an important job come up at the last minute so he and Caleb weren't able to go.
They did have an awesome time together though. On Friday night they went out for Chinese Food and stayed up late watching Kung Fu Panda. On Saturday Caleb got to go to work with Adam. Then they went fishing, and last but not least they went to the "Buggy" shop and test drove one of the new Polaris Rangers. Caleb said it was better than a camp out. Thanks Dad!
While the Boys were out having fun together, the girls were at the ward Mother & Daughter retreat. It was held at a The Tenny Ranch in Heber. We played games, sang songs, ate TONS of yummy food and slept on a BUNK BED!!!! I love the sisters in my ward and it was so much fun getting to know some of them better.
It was a great weekend for everyone, but we are so glad to be "back together again."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gila Valley Temple

Last Friday we took a family trip to the open house of the Gila Valley Temple. We were met there by some of the Gurrs, and we all took a tour of the temple together.
Being in a Temple (even one that hasn't been dedicated yet) is always so much more special when you are there with family.
It was so great to teach the kids more about temples, and to watch them marvel at the beauty within the temple walls.
One room of the Temple had the most beautiful chandelier that I have ever seen. It was nearly impossible to take our eyes off of it. Eliza and Sarah especially loved the sealing room. (the room where you get married.)
All of the kids loved getting to spend a little time with their cousins, and grandparents.
After attending the open house, Grandma Gurr showed the kids the elementary school that she attended. Part of it has been turned into a museum. We had has fun looking at all the "cool old stuff". I was really surprised at how interested my kids were in everything. They thought the old record player was way cooler than an i-pod.
They got to sit in an old school classroom, and Sarah even sat in a chair that once belonged to President Spencer W. Kimball.
We had a wonderful day together. I am so grateful that Adam and I were Married the Temple so we can be together as a family for eternity.