Sunday, June 5, 2016

Garden Blooms

We are sure loving the warmer weather and these beautiful blooms that come with it!

Hooray for spring!

Taylor Intermediate Awards Assembly

On the last day of school, Eliza, Sarah and Caleb all recieved awards and recognition outstanding achievements.
Eliza was recognized for being the student of the month. This year had its ups and downs for Eliza, but she was able to work hard and make the last month a successful one. We were proud of her for turning things around for herself.

Sarah was was recognized for being on the principals list for the entire year! She got all A's with the exception of one B+!  Not only is Sarah smart, but she works very hard for her grades and it shows!

Caleb received the highest honor of all this year! He was awarded the Paul Goodman Award. This award is given to one sixth grade boy each year. Paul Goodman was an educator in Taylor for many years. During the time he served our community, he showed a love for learning and education. He encouraged others, was kind, thoughtful, and had a great sense of humor. He was fair and treated everyone with respect. Each year, The entire staff at Taylor intermediate chooses the young man who most exemplifies these same character traits and gives him the award. Adam and I have always known what an amazing young man Caleb is. It's a great feeling to know that others recognize his greatness too!

After the awards were all given out, the student counsel gives prizes to students who's names are drawn from a box filled with Lobo Paws. Lobo paws are given thruout the year to students who are caught doing great things around the school. Hundreds of prizes were given out. After about 90 prizes were given, Caleb's name was drawn for a $10.00 gift card to Walmart. When he went up to the stage to get his prize, he said "thank you". The teacher who was handing out the prizes stopped the assembly and said "thank you, for saying thank you! Of all the prizes that's have been handed out, Caleb is the first student to say Thank you!" Then, she gave him another $10.00 gift card to Walmart! I think I was even more proud in that moment than I was when he recieved his award. And, just when I couldn't be more proud, when the assembly was over, Caleb gave the extra gift card to a friend who didn't get drawn for a prize!! What an amazing son! 
I am so proud and thankful of each of my children. They will each go on to do great things in jr. High!

Track and Field Day

The kids participated in their last Taylor Intermediate track and field day on May 12th.
Sarah placed 2nd in the 400 meter race and first in the 100 meter race. Caleb ran in the 400 meter and mile race. He also did pret well in the long jump! Eliza did well in the basketball shoot competition and placed 2nd in the long jump.  She also placed 2nd in the 100 meter race. I loved watching all of them give their best effort and show good sportsmanship.

Silver Creek Breeze

Eliza played soccer with the Jr. high soccer club this Spring. Even though she was one of the youngest players on her team, she was also one of the best players on her team and certainly, the fastest! She played left forward and scored so many goals this season, we lost count! Her team had a tournament on May 14th and they won!!! All the girls did so amazing! We are so proud of Eliza! Way to go Turbo!


On Monday, May 9th Sarah and Caleb participated in their piano recital. These two have learned and practiced so much throughout this year. Their hard work and dedication has really paid off! They both played so beautifully. We were so moved by their music. Sarah played a song called "Spider Dance" and "I feel My Saviors love" She and Caleb played "Love one another" as a duet. Caleb Played the theme music from Jurassic park and "If you Could Hie to Kolob". We are so grateful for their piano talent and the effort they put into improving each day. Great job Sarah and Caleb!

Temple blessings!

On April 5th the kids and I made some time between piano lessons, soccer practice, homework, chores, school and work to do some temple work. Grandpa Quist sent us some family names that need baptisms and confirmations done. We felt a sweet spirit while at the temple. I'm so grateful we can go regularly.

General conference April 2nd & 3rd

We loved watching general conference at home. There's something so wonderful about clearing our schedules and just being home together as a family while listening to the prophet and apostles give us counsel and guidance. We feel the spirit witness of the truthfulness of what we hear and we draw closer to the Lord.
During every conference, our always chooses a different random word to listen for. The word isn't necessarily gospel related. In the past we've used words like Pumpkin, horses, Socks etc... If we hear the random word, we all get to go to Dairy Queen the following Monday! We've never heard our random word before, until now!!! The word was "Basket". We all heard it! It was during Elder Ballard's talk on holding regular family councils. He advised us to have each family member put their phone in a basket before beginning family councils.  Thanks Elder Ballard we enjoyed our ice cream!