Sunday, June 5, 2016

General conference April 2nd & 3rd

We loved watching general conference at home. There's something so wonderful about clearing our schedules and just being home together as a family while listening to the prophet and apostles give us counsel and guidance. We feel the spirit witness of the truthfulness of what we hear and we draw closer to the Lord.
During every conference, our always chooses a different random word to listen for. The word isn't necessarily gospel related. In the past we've used words like Pumpkin, horses, Socks etc... If we hear the random word, we all get to go to Dairy Queen the following Monday! We've never heard our random word before, until now!!! The word was "Basket". We all heard it! It was during Elder Ballard's talk on holding regular family councils. He advised us to have each family member put their phone in a basket before beginning family councils.  Thanks Elder Ballard we enjoyed our ice cream! 

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