Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a blast this Halloween! It started off with the school Halloween parade and ended with a Trick or Treat Hayride!
Eliza was a cheetah, Sarah was a Witch, and Caleb was a ninja. The kids all  looked great in the costumes that they helped design and make.
The School Parade was fun. It's always fun to get ideas and admire the creativity of some of the costumes. I love that everyone, including the teachers dress up for Halloween.

That evening, we had several friends and neighbors come over for a chili and cornbread potluck. Then the kids all piled onto the hay filled trailers and went "Trick or Treating" around the neighborhood. It was great to enjoy some good old-fashion fun with some of the greatest people around. We truly feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and neighbors.

Happy Halloween

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