Monday, June 9, 2014

Reunion Time

Last week, we were grateful to be able to host the annual Gurr Family reunion. The reunion was originally going to be held in Manti. There is a neat campground there, close to the Temple and lots of fun activities in the area. Unfortunately, it was just too far of a drive for some of the family members, and just before the reunion, Great Grandma Gurr's health took a turn for the worse and Malan didn't want to travel to far from her. Heather asked if we would mind having the reunion here in Taylor, and we didn't mind at all! Heather owns the little house next door to us and right now it's vacant, so between her property, ours, and a couple of travel trailers, we were able to comfortably accommodate everyone. We ended up having 30 family members make it.

There were people inside....

and people outside!

We had a wonderful time playing games, flying kites, riding buggies, visiting and eating yummy food! Thanks to Heather for all her hard work and menu planning! It was an awesome reunion!

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