Sunday, June 8, 2014


This year, we decided a trip to the Sand Dunes would be a fun way to spend our spring break. Tina has never been to the sand dunes and we hadn't been there in quite a while. Tina was not dissapointed and neither were we! It was one of the best trips to the Dunes we've had. I guess most of the schools have spring break a little earlier in March (ours was the last full week) because their was hardly anyone there. It was a little warm and windy,  but we still had a wonderful time.
Adam's parents, sister Malory and brothers Tyler and Richard and their families went with us. Our buggy ran great and the kids loved jumping, sliding, sledding, and ridding in all that sand. 

We hope to go back as soon as the weather cools down again. 

Tina wanted to see the border. This is as close as we could take her to Mexico.
It was fun to run and fly thru the air into the sand below.

We enjoyed visiting around our campfire in the evenings.

We'll be sure not to let another 5 years go by before we go to the Dunes again!

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