Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little Builders Preschool

This summer I took a leap of faith and did something I've been wanting to do for a while now. I STARTED MY OWN PRESCHOOL!!!
Years ago, before I had the trio, I was a teacher. I taught preschool for several years and even taught kindergarten and first grade for a few years at a charter school. I loved teaching professionally, I enjoy working with the youngest of learners and watching them grow from little ones, to big kids!  
When I became a mom, I knew I'd be able to use all the knowledge and experience I'd gained while teaching to help my own children learn and grow. And I did, and I am, but I missed the little ones. I missed seeing that look on their faces when the pieces start falling into place. When they figure out that when the S says "Sss" and the E says "eh" and the T says "t." It spells the word "set"! And just like that, they're reading!  It's so exciting and wonderful and fun! 
I'm not quite sure why I waited until this year to begin this journey, but I can tell you that the time was just finally right. 
I was a little worried about enrollment. I'm not very well known here in Taylor and I live on the outskirts of town. Would anyone want to drive this far out for preschool? Well, after some gentle prodding from some friends, I jumped in with both feet.
I invested in a great curriculum and furniture and used half of our upstairs for a classroom.
Within just a few weeks I had 8 kids enrolled and now that school has started, I have 11 kids enrolled.
Things are going great. I love my schedule and being my own boss.  I love my students and we have a blast together every day! 
I am so grateful for this opportunity and that I get to earn extra income working from home, and doing what I love!

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