Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th of July Fun.

We had a fun Fourth of July Celebration here in Taylor.
Every year at sunrise, The town celebrates our independence by putting gun powder between two anvils and firing it off.  It may sound hokey (and it is) but it's also really kind of fun.The anvils are driven around town while the town band which is comprised of multiple generations, follows closely behind on flat bed trailers. Everyone else follows in their vehicles and in the back of pick-up trucks and makes a ton of noise hootin' and hollerin' and honking their horns. Every once in a while the truck with the anvils stops, and everyone gets out to hear the band and watch the anvil (which crossed the plains and made it to Taylor with the early pioneers) get fired off.
Later that evening the town hosts a fun rodeo which is followed up with fireworks.
This year, my sister Lydia's family and my parents' with some friends of their's came up to join the festivities. It's always fun to have company and introduce them to our red-neck fun!

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