Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gurr Family Pioneer Days Reunion

A few months ago Adam's sister Stacy called from Tennessee to let us know that they were coming out west, and asked if they could stay here with us for a few days at the end of July. Of course we were thrilled and after talking it over we decided that we may as well get everyone together for a reunion. It was held during the week of the Pioneer Days Celebration so there was lots of fun stuff to do together. My S.I.L.s  and I set up a booth at the craft festival. Becky brought her beautiful purses. Heather brought her flower hair clips and I made these:
It was so fun to sit and visit and sell stuff. 
At one point everyone showed up at the park to get some family pictures. (this is what my kids look like for pictures when mom isn't there to help them get ready..sigh... gotta love Eliza's black socks!!!)

The kids all really enjoyed the parade. The rodeo was a blast and the fireworks were awesome. We had a fun little talent night and played some games and ate TONS of Ice cream (There was a sale on Blue Bell...Yummy!). Most importantly, we made wonderful memories together!
Thanks for coming everyone!!

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