Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick Trip

Eliza and Sarah were invited to a sleepover at Aunt Manda's house in the Valley the weekend before school started. So, The kids and I decided to make a little vacation of it. We headed down Friday Morning and went strait to Makutu's Island. It was a super fun indoor jungle playground and to make it even more fun, our good friends the Blaylocks' showed up to play and so did our cousins the Andersons'.

After playing for a few hours we went with the Andersons' to the kids favorite restaurant; Panda Express! Then we did some last minute back to school shopping at the AZ. Mills mall.
We drooped off the girls at their sleepover, then Caleb and I got some Pizza and hung out at Grandma and Grandpa Quist's for a few hours before going over to the Anderson's house to visit some more and go to sleep.
Caleb woke up bright and early with his cousins, and went to The Mesa Temple to help do some cleaning on the Temple grounds. I woke up bright and early and got some more shopping done.
It was a fun Quick trip but we missed Dad, so we headed back up the mountain and were home by Saturday evening.
The Valley is fun, but it's always nice to come home.

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