Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who's Your Hero?

Three years ago we started reading the Book of Mormon with the kids each night before bed. Last night we finished the book for the first time. We started out with each of us reading one verse. The kids would simply repeat the verse a few lines at a time. Occasionally we'd read a few extra verses, but there were a lot of words and phrases that needed to be explained, so we usually just read five verses a night. Now that the kids are in school we have them read what they can while we help with the "tricky" words. It takes them a while, so were still at five verses a night. So here we are three years later and we finally finished it!!!! YAHOO!
To celebrate this momentous occasion we had a PARTY ! In attendance were some of our favorite Book of Mormon Heroes. There was Nephi, Sariah, Ammon, Captain Moroni, and an Anti-Nephi-Lehite Mother.
Adam chose to be Nephi. If you ask me, Adam is a lot like Nephi. He works hard, and is a builder. He too was born of goodly parents, and honors them. He is obedient to the Lord and leads others in the path of righteousness.
I've always considered the Mothers of the Young men in Helaman's Army to be the unsung heroes in the book of Mormon. It was their faith and teachings, that gave those 2000 Stripling Warriors the courage to go to battle. I pray that as a mother, I can teach my children to have that kind of faith and trust in the Lord. I know that as they learn and grow they will be faced with spiritual battles of their own. "If they do not doubt, God will deliver them."

Eliza's Hero is Captian Moroni. "Because he had a sword, a shield, a helmet, and a sweet flag!" Eliza is a leader,and has strength like Captain Moroni. I know that if she will put on the whole armor of the Lord throughout her life, that she will be a powerful instrument in the Lord's hands.

Sarah wanted to be Sariah. Not only are their names similar but like Sariah, Sarah follows the Prophet. I know that Sariah must have been an amazing mother, to have raised sons like Nephi, Sam, and Jacob. Sarah will be a great mother too. She is very nurturing, and supportive. Sarah made a beautiful Sariah.

One of the best Missionaries in the Scriptures is Ammon. One of the best missionaries in Taylor is Caleb. I was not at all surprised when Caleb said that his Book of Mormon hero is Ammon. Ammon was able to gain the Lamanites trust through his service to them. Like Ammon, Caleb works hard and serves others and he is not afraid to share his beliefs with anyone who will listen. Ammon may be Caleb's hero, but Caleb is my hero!

I have a Testimony of the Truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. While reading it as a family, we have felt the Holy Spirit enter our home bringing peace and understanding. Our family has gained a greater testimony of our Savior and his plan of happiness through this book.
Tonight we will begin reading this great book all over again. Even if it takes another three years to complete it, we know it's worth every minute.


  1. That is the greatest entry I've read. I felt the spirit as I was reading it. I love you.

  2. Congratulations on finishing the B of M! What wonderful parents you are, your children will certainly call you bless-ed!

  3. Man, that is such a great accomplishment. Your kids will love you forever because of all the wonderful stuff you've taught them.

  4. Great job Gurr family! We just did something very similar when our family finished reading the B of M a few months ago. (Great minds think a like!) We each picked our favorite story and we acted them all out. We had Samuel (Rach loved standing on the wall), the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's (Connor liked burying their weapons and Drew liked saying sorry and repenting after killing) and a few others. It took us about 2 1/2 yrs. for us to read it as well, But it felt so good to have that accomplishment. We then took a little break from the real B of M and read the story book reader. The kids liked the pictures and it was easier for them to read and comprehend. But now we're back at it in 1 Nephi. I guess we'll have to have another B of M party in a few years together when we finish it again.

  5. Great post Ruth! what a way to celebrate a huge accomplishment as a family. Last time we finished the Book of Mormon together, we celebrated by visiting the visitor center at the temple and watched a movie together. oh and don't forget the ice cream! we look forward to finishing it again together. it may be a while! thanks for the inspriation :)

  6. How fun! You have the best ideas! Its funny how the personalities come out of the kids that are shared in their heros. Too cute!