Sunday, August 1, 2010

Girls Night Out!

We had the pleasure of having our nieces Macey and Jewelana stay with us this past week while Caleb stayed in the valley with their brothers.
As a special treat we took all the girls out to see The Silver Creek Little Theater preform "Beauty and the Beast".
The show was Fantasic! All the actors and singers did a wonderful job. We had a great time. I had a hard time actually watching the show because I kept wanting to watch the faces of My girls while they were watching the show. It was so fun to watch their eyes light up every time Belle walked on to the stage. I enjoy musical theater, and I'm so glad that my girls enjoy it too.


  1. Love Beauty and the Beast! Awesome memory for them (and you). Enjoy those last few days of summer! Ten days for us!

  2. I love plays!!! They are the best! You should check out BYU's ballroom dance team. They've been to Queen Creek High School to perform the last two years. It's the best experience!! I'm hoping they come this year too!