Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gurr's got Talet !

About a month ago during Family Home Evening we talked about talents, and the importance of developing and sharing our talents with others.  I encouraged each of the kids make something using their talents, and enter it at the County Fair.

Eliza has been interested in photography lately, so I let her borrow my camera. She took a great picture of  Millie and we entered it and she won a Third place ribbon!!!! Yay Eliza!

Sarah decided she wanted to use some of her beads to make a necklace that she could submit at the fair. She worked very hard on it and it took her a while. The result was a beautiful princess necklace that also won a third place ribbon! Yay Sarah!
Caleb took a while to decide what he wanted to do. He thought his only talent was bike riding, and we couldn't quite figure out how to submit bike riding as an entry. Hmm..what could he do. When I asked him about some of his other interests he said that he did like to make paper airplanes and stuff. I suggested he build a model rocket. He loved the idea and he got right to work on a kit. He got it all put together, painted it entered it......and won FIRST PLACE!!! A Blue ribbon for Caleb! All right!

I am so proud of all of them! They are already trying to decide what to do for next years fair!

While at the fair we had a blast riding a train, eating yummy food, seeing great exhibits, watching a reptile 
show and a magic act! 

The kids also wanted to climb "Spider Mountain".  They all made it all the way to the TOP!! Way to go guys! (We saw an older boy chicken out less than half way up) I just had to throw that in cause I like braggin' about my kids and their awesomeness!

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  1. Eliza called me yesterday to tell me the news. This Post is for them- Eliza, Caleb, Sarah YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! I am so proud of you guys and Eliza I never got a ribbon for any of my photographs- Major Jealous! Love you and miss you. Aunt Amanda