Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lucky 7

Seven years ago I became a mother to three of the most beautiful, talented, intelligent, witty and FUN kids on the earth.
Adam and I LOVE them so much and are grateful every day for the joy they bring to our lives.

For their birthday this year they each got new "Sunday" Clothes and.....Drum roll please....ZHU ZHU PETS!!!!!!! YAhOoO!! SO FUN!! They are enjoying their new "pets" immensely. And I am enjoying the fact that their pets don't poop, or run behind the refrigerator and chew holes in things.

                                                             HaPpY BiRThdAy Eliza, Sarah, and Caleb!


  1. Wow! Your kids get bigger and bigger every time I check your blog!! Happy Birthday to your super-cute kids!

  2. Hey Eliza Sarah and Caleb! I know that this is a really late birthday email/letter! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    You all are so dang cute and awesome. Nathaniel and I had lots of fun playing with you Thanksgiving tracing wood out of you and playing red light green light!
    Love you all!