Sunday, January 2, 2011

Out With The Old.....

It's time to say Farewell to 2010 and to ring in 2011.
We had another wonderful year filled with many blessings which we are so very thankful for.
Adam has been able to continue to do tractor work along with the auto part delivery route. He is still working with the deacons in the Y.M. Presidency and continues to be the BEST dad and Father in the world.
I was able to start an exciting new chapter in my life this year. I now sell vintage clothing, accessories and housewares in my TWO shops on the Internet. I love Treasure hunting at the local thrift shops, and the extra little income has really blessed our family. I continue to serve in the ward primary presidency and LOVE IT!!
I also competed in a triathlon sprint this year and discovered that I may have a little bit of athlete in me after all.
Eliza is still a bundle of energy. She took some skateboarding lessons in the spring, and played Soccer in the fall. She is becoming a great little reader and brings so much joy and laughter into our home. We love our  little firecracker Eliza!
Sarah started taking violin lessons this year and is practicing so that one day she can play as well as  uncle Travis and uncle Richard. She Loves school and is learning so much. She is as sweet as ever, and warms our hearts with her love and smiles.
Caleb Is becoming quite the bike rider.Almost every day he can be seen trying new jumps and tricks on his bike. Caleb also played soccer this past fall and definitely wants to play again next year. He is excelling in school, and  learned all 13 Articles of Faith this year. We are so grateful that he's part of our eternal family.
As a family we finished reading the Book Of Mormon all the way through and celebrated with a party!
We welcomed Aunt Ashley into the family, as well as several new nieces and nephews.
We  have set some new goals for ourselves individually and as a family and look foreword to all that 2011 has to offer.


  1. So I wish we could have made it up there. We hope to come up soon. Love your blog I tryed putting you up as a follower,but it says something like there is no feed? I don't know,but I will continue reading. Good luck with all that snow!

  2. Hey Ruth! I need your address. I sent you a letter with a family picture of us and it was returned with a large, Address not found.
    Anyways, love you guys! Tell everyone we said hi!