Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rescue Me!

Last Tuesday afternoon, I get a call from Adam saying that he got his little truck stuck in the snow while trying to take a shortcut (in the middle of nowhere) to a job site.
So, I loaded up the kids and a tow strap and drove an hour and a half to where he was stuck. I drove several miles through deep snow and mud. I almost got stuck a few times myself.  I kept telling the kids to pray that we wouldn't get stuck before getting to dad. Well, I should have told them to pray that we wouldn' t get stuck. Period.
Because as soon as we pulled up to dad's truck, He hops in my car to "get it in position" to pull his truck free, He got my car stuck.
Now my car was stuck even worse than his truck.
SO...we had to PUSH Adam's truck free, then use it to pull my car free.
It took a couple of hours but eventually we got both car's out of the snow.
Adam learned not to take shortcuts through snow when you don't have 4 wheel drive, and I learned that next time Adam gets stuck.... call for back-up!


  1. that's hilarious. i bet it wasn't hilarious at the time though.

  2. Love it....everyone needs a good "gettin stuck" story!!