Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catchin' Up.

Well, It seems as though Summer is definitely over and Fall has begun.
We've enjoyed some fun adventures these past few weeks and although I didn't get pictures, they are still blog worthy!
On Friday the 26th, We picked the kids up early from school, and took some building materials up to Grandpa Gurr in Colorado. We  helped him work on  his new cabin for a little bit and went for a buggy ride. We were only there for one night and a day, but we got to stay in Adam's cousin Jason's beautiful cabin. The views there are simply breathtaking and we found tons of yummy wild raspberries and strawberries.
The following weekend, The Anderson's came up for a visit and we enjoyed the festivities at the Taylor Sweet Corn festival. The parade was great and the kids games were fun too. Cousin Graeden caught a bunny and named him/her? Midnight. He is a sweet little guy and will be a fun pet. (So glad it will be their fun pet and not ours).
Later that weekend Adam's Brother Tyler came up with his family and we all went on a fun Buggy ride down to Knuckle Butt Canyon ( It's actually called Grape Vine Canyon but for some reason, Adam re-named it...don't ask...). We also celebrated Uncle Tyler's birthday with a party at the park. We had a water gun fight and ate an Icecream cake! All in all, a great weekend.
The kids have started Soccer practice this past week and are looking foreword to their first game! All three kiddo's are playing this year.
Caleb and Eliza have both received the Outstanding Citizenship award at school. All the kids are enjoying school very much.
Adam was Just released from his calling in the Young men's presidency and was sustained as the new ward Elders Quorum President. He will miss ( and be missed by) those boys. But, He is ready for this new challenge and chapter in his life.
I'm still going strong in the Primary Presidency and we are working currently working on our ward primary program.  I love listening to the children sing their beautiful songs. Every time they sing I feel the spirit so strongly reminding me that the words they sing are true.
We've been blessed with some good rain lately. One of the last storms we had was a real doozy and really got our wash flowing good.
Here's a picture of the kids out back throwing rocks into it. I'm Not sure why, but throwing rocks into water is just plain fun!
Well, That about sums it up.
 Happy Fall!

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  1. I love reading your blog. Makes me wish we could go hang out one of these days.