Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fabulous Fall Fun!

Last Sunday before church, we sent the kids on a scavenger hunt. They followed clues that led them to the various items of clothing that they needed to pack for a mystery trip.  The last clue finally led them to my car where they learned that right after church we were all driving to San Diego and that we were going to
SEA WORLD for Fall break!!!! YAHOO!!
Sea world was AMAZING and there was hardly anyone there. We got the best seats at every show, and we never had to wait in line for any rides or attractions!

Gettin' up close with Shamu!

Eliza LOVED the Dolphins. She was thrilled to get to feed, Pet, and "talk to" the dolphins!

Caleb seriously loved the Journey to Atlantis ride and he rode it more than any of the rest of us!

This was Sarah's Favorite ride at the park.  She also Loved the rapids ride, but managed to get more soaked than any of the rest of us every time we rode it.

 All of the animals, sea life, and shows were so amazing to see.

The kids all had a blast at the Sesame Street park .

Bye Shamu, we'll be back to see you again someday.

After leaving Sea World on Tuesday, we drove north for a bit to see the San Diego Temple.
It really does look like a castle and Sarah told us that THIS is the Temple that she is going to get married in.
We would have liked to have gotten a family picture with all of us together. But, there was no one around to take the picture so I took one of the kids. Then, Eliza took one of Adam and I.

A beautiful "Castle" with my Handsome Prince!

We got home late Tuesday night and by Friday afternoon, we were back on the road headed to the Valley for Cousin Braunsen's Baptism. We stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpa Quist's house and had a fun Visit with them. The Baptism was awesome and afterwards we had a great time at the Andersen's house playing and visiting with the Gurrs!

We are loving all this beautiful fall weather and the chill in the air is making our leaves turn to yellow red and brown. We LOVE fall around here and all the fun festivities that go with it!

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