Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunshine and Snow!

Yesterday was the perfect combination of sunshine and snow.
So, we took Grandpa's snowmobiles, along with our sleds and snow boards up to Green's Peak. We rode the snowmobiles until we found the perfect hill. Then, with our own private ski lifts, we snow borded, and rode sleds to our hearts content. No crowds, no lift tickets, no bitter winds and frigid air. Just the sunshine, the snow, and each other! What a perfect day!
This is our summer camping spot. For those of you who are familiar with it, Grandpa Quist's bench is about a foot under where Adam is sitting!

Front to back: Eliza, Sarah and Nacho...I mean, Caleb!
Caleb is becoming quite the snow border and he informed us yesterday that he is training for the X-games!

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  1. Looks like a ton-o-fun! Wish we were there! p.s. have a game, first one to dig to grandpa's bench, gets it!