Sunday, December 23, 2012


We spent Thanks giving with the Quists this year. We drove down to the valley on Wednesday night and stayed with my parents. On Thursday we went over Paul and Beth's for our Feast. We enjoyed eating, visiting, playing games, making crafts, and eating some more.

Lydia taught the kids to make Cornucopias. Then they filled them with Treats!

The Cousins all enjoyed playing Thanksgiving Bingo! They also loved the Dancing game On the Wii. But they were moving so fast while playing it that all the pictures came out blurry!

The WHOLE GANG!! I love these people!

I spent Thursday night doing some black Friday shopping with Lydia. I was able to get ALL my Christmas shopping done!! YAY!!

Early Friday Morning, Adam left to go to Albuquerque with his parents to attend his Cousins wedding. the kids and I stayed with my parents and we went on a hike on Friday.

It was a beautiful day and the hike was awesome.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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