Sunday, July 14, 2013

Burk Family Women's Conference

I enjoyed another wonderful  Burk family women's conference this summer. Our conference this year was hosted by my sister-in-law Beth at her home in Mesa.  The theme for our conference this year was  "Happily Ever After". We were taught and discussed the fact that many of the big and small trials we as women face in this life,  are part of Heavenly Fathers plan to lead us to our own "Happily ever after."  
Some of the fun and important things we did this year were, learning to make homemade lip gloss,  sewing  personal hygiene supply bags for women in underdeveloped countries,  learning how to resolve conflicts thru communication with our spouses, and learning to take care of ourselves so that we can better care for our families. 
Of course, we shared lots of laughter and a few tears. I am so grateful to part of a large family with so many strong and courageous women to learn from.
I am already anticipating next years conference and all that I can gain from it!

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