Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House/ Malories Homecoming!

On the first weekend in February, we went down to the valley to visit with Adams sister Malorie who just returned home from her 18 month mission in Washington. The timing of the trip worked out perfectly so we could take a tour of the Gilbert temple before it was dedicated.
Upon arriving in the valley, we went straight to the Temple and we met up with Adam's Brother Travis and his family. We were all in awe at the beauty and majesty of this Holy house. While we walked through each sacred room, we felt the holy spirit bear witness to us that this was, truly, the Lord's house.

After staying the night with the Anderson's,  we went out to Florence for a traditional Gurr Family Buggy ride! 
We all had a grand time.

We stayed the night with Adam's brother Richard we had a fun time visiting with his family and eating yummy hamburgers. The following morning we were all up early and got ready for church. we were excited to listen to Malorie's homecoming talk. We loved hearing her stories and testimony! We could tell that she was and will continue to be a great missionary!

We were able to get a family photo with EVERYONE!! ( Gotta Love Caleb and Eliza's expressions!)

We had a fantastic weekend and loved getting to spend time with all all the Gurrs.

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