Sunday, July 16, 2017

Family Vacation Days 7-9

Friday was our last day at Universal.  Early in the day we rode the water rides and the rest of the day we dried out as we rode  all our favorite rides over again.  The girls bought some candy at Honeydukes. Eliza got a Chocolate frog, and Sarah got Bertey Bots Every Flavored Beans.
By mid afternoon when we'd had all the fun we could stand, we left the parks and drove down the coast to Indialantic where our hotel, the Tuckaway Shores was.
Once we got all checked into our room, we hit the Beach which was just a two minute walk from our room!  The beach and water were Wonderful! The sand was soft and the water wasn't too cold. We played for a few hours and then watched a little TV before going to bed.
On Saturday morning,  I went and bought a couple of Boogie boards for the kids and we spent just about the entire day playing in the ocean. We did a little shopping at the local Mall, then picked up some pizza for dinner. After dinner the kids and I went back to the beach for a bit.
Today is Sunday so we slept in, then went to a local ward for church. After church, we played some games, and did a little laundry. Our room has a nice little kitchenette so it's been nice to be able to prepare our own meals, and observe the Sabbath as best we can while on this vacation.
Tomorrow morning we'll be letting the kids in on a big Suprise... I CAN'T WAIT!

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