Friday, November 20, 2009

Nothin' New

We haven't had any grand adventures lately, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to catch up on the every day stuff. Plus, Adam lost our camera on his last Scout outing so were gonna be picture-less for awhile.

Adam's been in the young men's presidency for several months now and he is enjoying it a lot. He's been able to keep doing tractor work, but there just hasn't been enough work to keep him busy full time. He was able to get a part time job delivering auto parts to garages in some of the other small towns in north-eastern AZ. It's not his favorite job, but it's proven to be a blessing financially and we're grateful for it.

I am currently serving in the Primary presidency. Primary is definitely my favorite place to be. I love working with those sweet kids. Now that it's fall, and the garden isn't taking up all of my time, I've been able to spend more time sewing and baking. It's been good for our quilt supply...bad for my waistline. I have also gotten to substitute teach a couple of times. I had a blast both days and hope to get to do it more often. The Trio continue to keep me busy, and happy. They never cease to surprise me with some of the crazy things they say and do.

The kids love school, primary, riding their bikes, making friends and doing their chores...Well maybe they don't love doing their chores, but they are getting good at doing them, and they are becoming so responsible.
They were recently asked to sing at the community "Evening of Sacred Music". They did a wonderful job singing "My Heavenly Father Loves Me". They enjoyed being in the spotlight, and they especially loved seeing their names printed in the program.

I guess that about covers things for now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Thanks for the update! You are such a good example to me. Sewing and baking are always on my do-to list...someday I'll get to those parts of home-making! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!