Sunday, November 1, 2009

Taylor Elementary Halloween Parade and Party

I just wanted to share some pics of the kids at their school party. I had a great time helping out in their classroom, and the kids had a blast at the party. I love that the school throws political correctness out the window and still has a "Halloween" party and not a "Fall festival". They are going to have a Christmas party too. The kids are practicing "Away in a Manger" in their classroom. They'll be singing it at the school Christmas program. SWEET!
Both girls wanted to be Fairy Princess ballerinas. Easy... wings, crowns, and tutus.
Caleb wanted to be a super hero ...again. He'll always be my little heroThe kids spent the morning making bat puppets, paper ghosts, mummy pizza's,spider suckers, they also sang songs, and had story time and colored pictures. WOW what a party!.


  1. I wish our kids's school aloud halloween parties. I remember wearing my costume to actual school as a kid and it was always the best day of the year.

  2. We may come visit sometime but we might need to borrow winter gear. We want to take the kids to see the snow and Jacob and I haven't even been in the snow since I was pregnant with Joseph!

  3. I don't know why my blog wouldn't accept your URL. I finally got it to accept as Sign in user only. I do love you! You are now on my "People I Love"