Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Much Fun !!! And Mom's Day Off !

We had a great weekend with The Andersons ( Adam's sis.'s Fam.) and Shane and Tacey Gurr's family (Adams cousin's fam.) They came up on Friday and we spent the evening lighting fireworks, playing games and watching movies. On Saturday the guys took the kids to go play in the snow. They drove their vehicles in the snow until they could go no further then loaded all the kids in the trailer and pulled it with the Ranger until that couldn't go any further. Then they built a GIANT snowman and did a little sledding.
While they were out, us ladies enjoyed a much needed break. We did a little window shopping, went out to lunch and played cards. I had such a wonderful time visiting and laughing. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.
Saturday night was pretty much a repeat of Friday night with one exception, we played ROOK Guys vs. Gals. The Gals beat the Guys soundly and because the guys lost they had to write love poems for their wives. The poems were awesome but definitely not suitable for posting.(hee hee.)
We were all sad when our cousins had to go, but we are glad that School starts again tomorrow. Happy New year!

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  1. Looks fun! When's it our turn to come play? I'm glad you had a nice Christmas and New Years. Hope to see you soon.