Sunday, January 24, 2010

Their Loss is our Gain!

We got a pleasant surprise this past week.
Mom and Dad Gurr, along with Richard and Calli, planned on spending a week at the cabin in Colorado to do some snowmobiling. They stopped here Tuesday night on their way up and planned on leaving early Wednesday morning. When we woke up Wednesday morning it was snowing, and they realized it wouldn't be safe to continue traveling to Colorado. It also wouldn't be safe for them to travel back to the Valley so...They stayed and had their snowmobiling vacation with us. We all went for a snowmobile ride on Wednesday up by Greens Peak. We couldn't believe how deep the snow was. In some places it was 4ft deep! We had a great time riding in all that powder and making a snow cave. On Thursday the guys all went for a "big boy ride". It snowed on them the whole day dropping another 2-3 feet of snow on the mountain. When the snow is that soft and deep it's hard not to get stuck, so they spent a lot of time digging themselves out, but they still had so much fun. On Friday School was cancelled for the kids due to the weather. We spent the day playing games then went to the movies and out to eat in Show Low.
I felt like I got a vacation without ever leaving town. It was great! We are sorry that Dad, Mom, Richard and Calli missed out on their trip to CO, but we sure had a great time with them.


  1. How fun! That snow looks awesome...4ft deep?! We only get a few inches at a time here...lucky! :) Glad you had a mini vacation!

  2. Oh what fun it is to ride! But I'm sure glad all we got in Mesa last week was rain :) Your kids and your blog are too cute!