Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gimme a Break!

Last week, Caleb was asked what he was going to do for spring break. He said " I'll probably just play solitaire."
Suddenly, I pictured the first day back at school....
Teacher: "What did everyone do for spring break?
Little Billy: "I went to Disneyland!"
Little Johnny: "I went camping!"
Little Brittney "I went a to the Grand Canyon!"
Caleb: "I played solitaire all week."
NOOOOO! I couldn't let this happen. I knew I had to make plans, so I called my sister Lydia in Bagdad AZ.
You may be asking yourself what could be so fun about Bagdad? Well.... first of all, COUSINS!!! It really doesn't matter where you go with cousins because even a prison cell could be fun if your in there with cousins. Second, there's an indoor water park in Bagdad and it's FREE! Third, there's a skate park. Fourth, there's free golfing, Fifth, there's a cool campsite with a creek for playing in (too bad it was so cold.) O.K. I'm going to stop counting now because I'm pretty sure it's getting annoying.
Anyway, we also watched movies, played games, played the Wii, and ate tons of yummy junk. Ahhh, now that's what I call a break.
Thank you Lydia, we had tons of fun!


  1. I had no idea there was a baghdad Arizona, but it looks really pretty in the pictures.

  2. We had soooo much fun! Thanks again for coming, you are the best!