Monday, January 23, 2012

A House Full of Kids.

I've always wanted a house full of kids.  I grew up in a family with lots of kids, seven to be exact. It seemed like there was always someone to play a game with, build a fort with, bake cookies with, and someone to talk with. It was impossible to feel lonely. At times it was crowded, loud, cluttered and chaotic. But it was fun. So that's what I wanted for my own kids.
Then, There came a point in my life when I wasn't sure if my home would have ANY kids. So, when the Trio miraculously came along, I was just grateful to have an arm full of kids, and I stopped worrying about my house being full of them.
But, sometimes it gets a little quiet around here...And I wish, not a real wish but just sort of a longing kind of wish that our house was full of kids.
Last Saturday night I realized that my wish comes true every once in a while.
Adam used to work with the scouts in our ward and even though he no longer works with them he is still friends with them. And they come over now and then and they bring their friends, and their brothers and sisters. At other times we have cousins over, or neighborhood friends. We watch movies, and play games, or just visit, and my house is full of kids!  And even though they aren't all mine, that's O.K.  because they're my friends, my kid's friends, and my friend's kids.They are my "brothers and sisters" and they are ALL children of our Heavenly Father.  And that is all that matters. My home is open to kids. It is safe here, it is fun here, and we feel the spirit here. Sometimes it gets a little loud, cluttered and chaotic....But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Getting ready to watch a movie with our young friends: Eliza, Jessica, Caleb, Arliss, Joseph, Abbie, Sarah, Seth,Ty, and Ryden.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. The more kids the better! You have such a cute little family!

  2. well, i have 2 little girls who would love to come play at your house!

  3. I loved reading this post! It reminds me to be grateful for the crazy chaotic house full of kids I have!! Thank you!(and it also tells me you really don't mind when we come to visit and are crazy and messy at your house--so that's nice to know, because I always worry about that!)