Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Merry Little Christmas

We had a wonderful, peaceful, Christmas at home this year.
We have a tradition in our home that on Christmas Eve, the kids all campout upstairs and fall asleep watching Polar Express. This year, I got the idea to put wrapping paper across the opening at the top of the stairs. That way, I could make sure that the kids wouldn't sneak down stairs and peek at their presents, or even worse...catch Santa in the act! My plan worked perfectly, and at 6:30 I called up to the kids letting them know that it was O.K. come downstairs!
Here they are, ready to burst through the paper and run down the stairs.
The kids got some of the things they were hoping for as well as some fun surprises!

We went to church at 11:00 and enjoyed singing songs together about our Saviors birth. I loved going to Church on Christmas day. It was a great reminder of why we Celebrate Christmas.
Later in the day we had a yummy ham dinner, with the works. It was so nice to have a quiet dinner together. 
We did miss our extended families, but we enjoyed the peace and relaxation of just being together at home.
Merry Christmas!

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