Sunday, April 1, 2012

Search, Ponder,....and Snooze!

Several Months ago Caleb asked me if I could get him a reading lamp for his bedroom.
"Why do you want a reading lamp?" I asked.
He replied, "Well, I really want to be a good missionary so, I need to start reading the Book of Mormon every night before bed, so I can teach people about it."
Of course, I got him a reading lamp. True to his word, he reads the scriptures every night before bed. I never have to remind him. This is something he does all on his own.
 Adam and I found him like this a few weeks ago before we went to bed.
I am grateful, and truly humbled that this spiritual giant (in a skinny little body) was sent to our family. I know that he is, and will be an amazing missionary.

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