Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tree Hugger

I LOVE trees! I've always dreamed of living in a home surrounded by trees. When we bought our lot, and started building our home on it, it only had one tree. A beautiful cotton wood tree by the wash on the back of our lot.
So while Adam was building our house, I was planting trees. Apple trees, peach trees, pine trees, willow trees and poplars.  I had planted over 50 trees!
I would tell Adam that we could never move because these trees were my "Horcuxs'" meaning that a little piece of my soul was put into each tree I planted (read "Harry Potter" if you still don't understand).
Lately though, with winter still hanging around a bit and with most of my trees still missing their leaves, I decided I needed just a FEW more Evergreen trees around here......  So I bought 35.

Actually, they are seedlings. But with a little care and a lot of patience, they'll become trees. And according to Eliza "We'll live in a forest."

To celebrate our new forest, we decided to build a campfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows!

Happy Campers!

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