Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Day of School (a little late)

Our First day of school pictures were lost for a while, but now they're found! Yay!

The Trio started Third grade this year. It is their last year at Taylor Elementary, So they are "Big man on campus!"  Next year they will start fourth grade at Taylor Intermediate.


Eliza is in Mrs. Christensen's Class

Sarah is in Mrs. Hamling's class

Caleb is in Mr. Rodger's class

Having Third graders is awesome! They can get themselves ready for school all on their own. They even pack their own lunches (with supervision of course). They know that right when they home, after having a snack, It's time to do homework and they rarely need to be reminded. They are developing great study habits and they are learning to manage their time responsibly. Yep, they're growing up. it's a little sad for me, but it's also very exciting.

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